Principle of Whitworth quick return mechanism (I)
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This mechanism is made of a driving crank and of a driven slider crank. In the considered configuration, the fixed pivot of the driven crank is located on the outside of the circle on which the end of the driving crank moves. This leads to an alternated motion of the slider crank. The configuration where this pivot is located inside the circle on which the end of the driving crank moves is considered in animation II.

The angular speed of the driven crank is variable. The duration of the motion for its part corresponding to the blue arc is shorter than the one related to the red arc. This is why this device is named quick return mechanism, which was used in crank shapers, with the slow part or the stroke being used for the working time of the tool and the quick part for the non-productive time. The menu bar includes a zoom (Animation detail) focusing on the driving and driven cranks.